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Free Blocks for

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Maximize your team's productivity with Free Blocks for Slack, the ultimate integration to effortlessly shares your availability and empowers seamless scheduling.

Image showing a link where you can install the Slack app for Free Blocks.

Scheduling Made Easy.

Create Meetings

Streamline your scheduling process by creating new meetings directly from Slack using slash commands.

Share Availability

Easily share your availability with others through direct messages or channels, fostering efficient collaboration.

Group Meetings

Effortlessly coordinate schedules and share the availability of your entire group with ease.

Sharing time, without the hassle.

Slash commands allow you to complete an action with an app simply by sending a message in Slack. 


Create an event via free blocks

/freeblocks-share group

Share today's availability


Use Free Block's query syntax to search for availability. 

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