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Share Your Availability.
All in One Place.

Sharing your availability on Google Calendar has never been easier.

Install the Google Workspace app from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
Free Blocks Google Workspace Marketplace application for sending availability.
Free Blocks Google Workspace Marketplace availability in email.


Take control of your working hours and date ranges, enabling seamless coordination with others and providing clarity on when you're available for meetings and appointments.

Powered by Chat GPT

With our integration with Chat GPT, effortlessly generate personalized and professional emails, empowering you to communicate effectively while streamlining your workflow.

One Click

With our Google Calendar integration, effortlessly share your calendar availability at the click of a button, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication and saving valuable time in the scheduling process.

Group Booking

Simplify the process of sharing group availability by instantly providing a consolidated view of everyone's schedules, facilitating smooth coordination and maximizing productivity.

Ready to get started?

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