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Application for Slack

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

How to Install

Once installed, you should land on the Home tab like below:


So you've installed the Free Blocks App! Wonderful. There really are only three commands you need to know, and all of them can be leveraged without arguments.


/freeblocks-share group

For those familiar with our Workspace App, /freeblocks-share will be a familiar friend. It pops open a modal and allows you to display your availability based on date range, day start and end and other criterion.

If you wish to include other members of your workspace who you have Google Calendar access to, use /freeblocks-share group . The inclusion of the "group" argument will tell Free Blocks to include a menu option to input other members in your workspace.


Want to create a meeting based on the results of /freeblocks-share? Use /freeblocks-create to pick a time and the members of your workspace to invite. By default, /freeblocks-create will include the members of the channel you're in.


One thing you might notice about /freeblocks-share is that it spits out a command you can re-use via /freeblocks-share-query.

This command can be copied and pasted to yield the same results as /freeblocks-share does. It currently accepts the following arguments

  • workday_start and workday_end - configure when your day starts and ends and take military time strings like 8:30 and 18:30. Example day_start=9:00 day_end=17:00

  • day_start and day_end - configure availability period to query over. Accepts any string format the Python library arrow does. Example day_start=1/1/2023

  • range_mode - pick a range mode to use - eligible types are half_hour, hour and time_ranges. Example range_mode=hour

  • commitments_mode - takes any argument type to be enabled. Ex. commitments_mode=1

  • member_ids - takes a space separated list of members. You can just use Slack's pre-population, so something like member_ids @Ben @Josh will work fine.

That's about all there is to it! Have fun, and don't hesitate to shoot us an email at

If at any point you're confused, you can type "help" or any other prompt in the Messages tab of the Free Blocks app and get a refresher on prompts.



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