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Changing Your Personal Booking URL

Follow the steps below to update your URL with ease:

Step 1: Log In to Your Account

Step 2: Access Your Calendar Settings

  • Once logged in, you'll see a list of your calendars.

  • Locate the calendar you wish to edit.

  • Click on the "Edit" button next to the calendar's name.

Step 3: Navigate to the General Tab

  • In the editing mode, you'll see various tabs for different settings.

  • Click on the "General" tab to access the basic settings of your calendar.

Step 4: Update Your Booking URL

  • In the General tab, locate the "Booking URL" field.

  • Erase the current URL name.

  • Type in the new name for your booking URL. Ensure it's unique and easy to remember.

Step 5: Save Your Changes

  • After updating the URL, you'll notice a green checkmark icon next to the field.

  • Click on this green checkmark to save your changes.

That's it! You've successfully changed your personal booking URL in Free Blocks. Make sure to share the updated URL with your clients or anyone who needs to book time with you.



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