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Free Blocks - Klaviyo Integration

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Free Blocks now integrates with Klaviyo! Klaviyo is the world’s leading marketing automation platform. With Klaviyo, you can create cutting edge campaigns and flows through a variety of communication channels (email, SMS, push) and manage all your customer data in one place. Klaviyo is perfect for automating all your Free Blocks initiated workflows. Consider the case where a customer or colleague books time on your calendar - if you want to wait until the day before the meeting to send over a packet of materials, and a day after the material to send a follow-up, you can automate that all through Klaviyo. Calendars and marketing automation are a powerful combination.

To enable your Klaviyo integration, complete the following steps:

  • You're ready to go! You can begin using the event "Free Blocks - Booked Time" to power any email campaign, flow, segment or other Klaviyo primitive. We can't wait to see what you build.



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