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Removing your Zoom Integration

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

If you've already added your Zoom integration, removing is as simple as one click after landing on (must be logged in) OR you can remove directly via Zoom.

Read on for more on both methods.

1. Remove from the Free Blocks App

Simply click the Remove button and we will automatically 1) revoke your Zoom access token which allows us to make API calls on your behalf and 2) remove all stored information including the token from our database. Following successful removal, you'll see the following confirmation:

We will also do this for you if you email from the email you used to sign up for Free Blocks.

2. Remove from Zoom

You can click the "Remove" button below through Zoom's website via this link (note this is subject to change and we will update if Zoom modifies the URL):

This will trigger an asynchronous request to our team to remove the application. We will honor this request within 24 hours at maximum.



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